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Saw the new ad over at ToMU! Are there other new ads coming, as well? I noticed you took the skyscraper ad off the 'spread the word' page.
Personally I think I'd like the new one better if it had a background...maybe something like what's up at the top of the page, backing 'MeiLin Miranda'.

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I didn't drop the skyscraper ad on purpose--how'd that happen? weird. That ad pulls like nobody's business. Smile

The current ToMU banner is just a change-up to see how it pulls. I'll be putting new ads up once the site graphics are finalized. Still waiting on my graphic artist friend. The new logo is gorgeous, he just hasn't sent me finals yet.

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To see it!

I'm working on a Teacher portrait, but I'm brand new to this tablet thing, and also brand new to this photoshop thing, so it's going slowly.
Practice practice practice!

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I wouldn't mind sponsoring an ad for a few days, I'm just not clear how to do so. I know Katie did this already, but, erm, how?

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here. Then just follow their simple directions. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Thanks for even thinking about it!

ETA: Banners and links are here.

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*grin* Popped up an ad over at a webcomic.. here, specifically. Should run for 10 days unless it's outbid. Smile

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Thank you! x-points for you!

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No prob. Smile Hey, I like when this community gets bigger, too!

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