Um yea so,

I'm a scientist working on curing genetic diseases. I figured it was a good thing to get into as I always seem to be coming down with something or other. As a result I really enjoy reading this story as a way of relaxing when I get home. My main hobby is reading as such I have been told I can't buy any more books. The multitude of bookcase that I have are full with more book homeless.

So yea there you go


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that's cool. I'm actually currently studying to become someone like you! As far as I can see, it is pretty hard... *bows down in reverence* But it's an intriguing line of study, too, which is why I'm into it...

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I'm just one of the techs. Granted the head tech, but still I feel the bowing should be reserved for the doctors I work for. But thank you and keep up with the studies it will be well worth it.

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